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Digital artist, Juan Ferrari was born in 1989 in Montevideo in Uruguay. He first studied engineering at FING at the Universidad de la Republica before quickly specializing in audiovisual engineering at the Universidad Catolica. From 2013, he started working with artificial intelligence. Attracted by the creative possibilities offered by technology, he studied art and integrative design in Switzerland at the FHNW School of Art and Design. His works have already been presented in Kassel during Documenta, in Italy, Brazil, and France.

Far from a Manichean vision of technology, he places the cursor on the meaning that human subjectivity gives to digital tools and the use it makes of them. In a society where new technologies are profoundly changing our perception of the world and of ourselves, the works of Juan Ferrari invite us to change our point of view.


An artist of displacement, he built his identity from movement. Migrations and transfers generate works. They are the driving force behind his artistic practice and his identity, intimately linking his work and his personal history. It is by going into deep spaces of his personality that Juan Ferrari finds the material of his works. Go from the inside to the outside in a constantly moving flow of information.

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