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Jean-Baptiste Joire

Born in 1982 in France and living in Senegal, Jean Baptiste Joire is an artist whose committed multidisciplinary practice is deployed in digital photographic techniques and experimental cinema. A graduate of a master's degree in cinema at Paris X Nanterre University, he also received a two-year professional training in video and light techniques at CCOF at the University of Orsay.


Associating a gaze from a chronicler of reality with increased creative sensitivity, he specialized for a time in reportage photography by documenting important social and political movements in the West, notably that of the Indigné (s) in which he actively militated for nearly for a year and became passionate about political and social issues, then on the African continent for the press (Jeune-Afrique, Grazzia, Ouest France) during the Senegalese and Guinean presidential elections.


He also led several workshops and led workshops on the art of photography and image techniques before settling in Dakar where he made numerous collaborations with artists of which he is contemporary to reveal the richness and energy of the Senegalese capital thanks to the various creators who surround it.


His current series, Dakar's Creators, in connection with this approach delicately combines creative photography, video art and documentary research using kinematic visual writing.

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