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Wasanii Ya Leo, Artists of Today in Swahili, is a start-up created in 2018 that aims to promote and diffuse contemporary art from Africa, Latin America and their diasporas. 


At the head of the agency, art historians Cindy Olohou and Ana Sonderéguer lead numerous international cultural projects to change our vision of art and propose a new cartography. Intercultural dialogue is at the heart of our approach. 


Our expertise covers different fields of competence: cultural engineering, curating, art project management, research, consulting, cultural mediation, ...


Through our experience in creating exhibitions and working with artists, we invite you to develop innovative projects. 

Equipe WYL

Cindy Olohou

Founder and president

Cindy Olohou
Ana Sonderéguer

Ana Sonderéguer



Deputy general manager


Our team

Find me here on LinkedIn

Find me here on LinkedIn

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