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Fernanda De Icaza

Born in 1993, Fernanda De Icaza is a Mexican photographer trained at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía (Mexico). In parallel, she follows specializations in photographic portraiture, cinematographic language and documentary production. These complementary approaches allowed him to define his artistic practice both professionally and personally.


Attracted by the artistic documentation of the various creative processes, she developed a digital practice focused on the archiving of contemporary creation and behind the scenes of the world of fashion and dance. She also embarked on a stage photographer activity, in order to explore all the creative possibilities offered by the documentation of artistic productions.

In 2017, following personal reflections on the imminent change that our species will have to carry out as an individual and as a society to continue living on our planet, she leaves for a year and a half to the Antai-Ji monastery, temple Zen in Hyogo, Japan. She then begins a process of introspection and rediscovery, during which she develops a strong attraction for questions related to the Earth and all that is beautiful in the world. Thus, she dedicates herself to the exaltation of what is virtuous on our planet and in our societies.


Fernanda de Icaza places at the heart of his practice the process and what is transmitted at the end, leaving the register of the immediate to other artists. She sees herself spending years on the same subject, in order to document everything and leave her mark. Photographer aware of human subjectivity, she incorporates her own perception of the world into each work and each project.

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