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Tickson Mbuyi, Congolese artist born in 1988, is a ceramist by training. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa with the desire to give pride of place to this "art of fragility". The work of the earth allowed him to develop a whole series of works around the mask and its symbolism both traditional and modern.


A multidisciplinary artist, Tickson Mbuyi also practices performance. He has participated several times in the International Meetings of Performing Artists KINACT, notably with his costume of "the Man Capotes". Made of condoms, this costume is designed to cover the entire body of the artist as a protective envelope. Tickson Mbuyi thus invites the people of Kinshasa to reflect on their relationship to sexuality and to protect themselves. Raising questions related to issues of domination of the body of women, foreigners, the Other in general, the performances of Tickson Mbuyi in public space are invitations to reconnect and to overcome the violence of social relationships.

Tickson Mbuyi's works have already been presented internationally at the Museum of Modest Arts in Setes and in Brighton in England. His costume also appears in clips from Baloji, Youssoupha or the group KOKOKO !.

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