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Stéphane Bossart is a Beninese photographer who develops his practice around social and cultural life in Africa. After training in Audiovisual and Communication, he became a photojournalist. Attracted by documentation, discovery, and meetings, he travels the different African countries in order to expose the multiple faces of the region. Social relationships and ties within cities and communities, as well as historical and cultural heritage, became the engine of his artistic research. In parallel, he produces international covers for sporting and cultural events such as the Women's Football World Cup in France in 2019, the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon in 2017, and Benin Fashion Week (2017-2019). Interested in international relations, Stéphane Bossart develops his practice between Europe and Africa. It is present during the Days of the Beninese Diaspora (2017-2019), the Night of Mali (2019), and the Africa Festival (2019) in France. This activity of reporter-photographer is consolidated during his experience for Free Press Benin as head of the Culture section. However, since 2016, Stéphane has been involved in the political life of his country. He became a personal photographer to the Minister of Sports and had the opportunity to document the investiture of the President of the Republic in 2016.

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His professional experience has allowed him to develop artistic series which expose his personal vision of the African continent and, more particularly, of his country, Benin. By taking advantage of travel opportunities and strolling through the different cities of the African territory, Stéphane Bossart highlights cultural diversity and the importance of social ties.


This is how he participated in the Salon de la Photographie at the Porte de Versailles since 2017 and organized the exhibition “Divine Women” in Cotonou, Benin (2019). His work is also awarded and recognized internationally. He notably won the prize for the best West African photographer in Togo in 2018, an honorary distinction for the best photographer at the diaspora night in Paris in 2018, as well as the prize for the best African photographer in Africa Talents Awards in Ivory Coast in 2019.

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