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Geordy Zodidat Alexis, MAS - PROPAGATION

Exhibition from December 7 to January 12, 2019, Mémoire Vivante, Paris


The line grows, the movement spreads. The hybrid figures that populate the works of Geordy Zodidat Alexis are changing. "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" (Antoine Lavoisier, 18th-century chemist). From the chemistry of the elements to the chemicals then to the alchemy of colors, the link is woven and extended.


Inspired by the chlordecone scandal, the "Mas" series draws up a subjective map between Caribbean traditions and the scourges of intensive agriculture. Chlordecone is a highly toxic insecticide used in particular in banana plantations in Guadeloupe and Martinique from 1972 to 1993, even though the dangers of this endocrine disruptor were known to the authorities since 1976. Persistent eco-toxic insecticide, it contaminated the soils and water for several centuries. Pollution has also been transmitted to the population, causing a sharp increase in the number of cancers in recent years in the Antilles.


The title of the exhibition "Mas - Propagation" evokes this contamination, which eventually reaches humans into their minds.

Far from being pessimistic or defeatist, this series carries an active approach, a search for purification. The motives unite and sketch a mantra, an attempt to wash the earth and men by ritual.

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