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Blood memories, Samuel Gelas

As a group portrait artist, Samuel Gelas presents a series of paintings about the abuse of power by the police and the justice system, modern slavery, the lynching of black people and (forced) migration. These life stories are part of the great history of power relations and racial domination, such as the police brutality that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. Touched by all the testimonies seen and heard on social networks and in the media, Samuel Gelas retraces in turn the path of the figures assaulted, murdered or deceived by economic interest because of the latent racism of our contemporary societies.

Say her name, 2021 - Pierre noire et acrylique sur toile - (245cm X 141cm)

Find ici the exhibition's catalog.

Find ici the children's handout

Bonus : notre interview with Samuel Gelas

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