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Mexico's week in France

Fernanda de Icaza, Luis Antonio Rojas
Exhibition from 5 to 6 September 2020, Be-Coworking La Jonquière, Paris

Wasanii Ya Leo takes part in the Semaine du Mexique en France with a group exhibition of photography. Through the works of Fernanda de Icaza and Luis Antonio Rojas, dive into the social and urban reality of Mexico City. Let yourself be carried away by the critical look of these two young emerging artists who paint a very current portrait of Mexico ranging from daily life, to the place of women in the public space and to urban problems. 

Fernanda de Icaza is exhibiting her most recent series, Utopía, which is still in development. The photographer reveals the place of women in the public space in Mexico by collecting testimonies that she will use to create her own scenes. Based on an exchange with her models, around a single question, "If you could act freely in the city, what would you do?

Luis Antonio Rojas develops in 2017 a series around the last peasants of Santa Fe, a district of Mexico City. The hyperurbanization of the city has had consequences on the change of territory and ways of life, leaving Gerardo Carmona's family surrounded by buildings, bridges and urban constructions that make it increasingly difficult to continue their daily life and their job. Since then, he has been working with communities facing urban phenomena.

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